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Young Fine Gael Exec Avoids National Showdown

The Young Fine Gael National Executive has avoided facing Motions of No Confidence at its National Assembly meeting next weekend. This brings to an end a series of events following the forced resignation of its former President Padraig O’Sullivan.

The youth organisation, which is now led by fellow Tipperary man Colm Taylor, who was Vice-President, are still pressing ahead a with a National Assembly in Portloaise to try and clear the air and forge on to next year’s General Election.

YFG members were initialled surprised at the resignation of O’Sullivan before the October Bank Holiday Weekend and the lack of a statement or information from the remaining National Executive led to a weekend of questioning and wondering, until rumours started to circulate that O’Sullivan jumped before he was pushed.

This angered a number of members and numerous letters were sent between branches and to the National Executive. Following a meeting it was announced that a National Assembly would be held in November. A number of Branches held meetings meeting after the announcement and some submitted motions of No Confidence in the National Executive, however the YFG Constitution states that five branches and a regional council must submit motions of No Confidence for them to be tabled at National Conference.

That number was not reached due to motions not meeting the rules and if they had been reached it would take a 70% vote at the National Assembly to dismiss a member of the National Executive. Instead the Young FG’ers look set to have another Talking Shop and try to work together ahead of the General Election, which will most likely be held in early 2016.

The term of the current National Executive lasts until Autumn 2016. The position of Vice-President is remains vacant and will be filled by appointment.

*the author of this article requested to be given a pseudonym, and they were supplied one by the Editorial team