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Woman Judges Others For Not Buying Into Lifestyle She Found Last Week

A student of University College Cork has been spotted actively judging others for not buying into the lifestyle she adopted about a week ago, according to reports.

            Anna McGinty, who is studying Philosophy and Religions in UCC, claims that her newfound way of living has “like, totally changed [her]”.

“Honestly, I can’t even remember what life used to be like before I discovered Blablaism. I mean, I feel so, like, connected to the earth.”

            Blablaism, a neo-spiritual movement which is probably described by practitioners as ‘Eastern’ and is almost definitely culturally insensitive, has emerged in recent weeks following the publication of a bestselling book of the same name by Ima Conn, Ph.Value. The belief system and accompanying lifestyle require proponents such as Ms. McGinn to follow a complex set of rules, making them better than you in the process, apparently.

“Like, I’m not trying to judge people who don’t follow this lifestyle,” Anna explains. “All I’m saying is, if you don’t follow it, you’re probably a piece of shit. But that’s OK.”

            Ms McGinn’s blog, EatPrayBla.com, has attracted a sizeable audience since its launch last Thursday. As well as marketing it as a platform to help people understand Blablaism, Anna encourages her followers to “find their inner selves” through travel and a strict quinoa-only diet. Anyone, according to Anna, can live according to the principles of Blablaism if they try hard enough.

“Like, if you really want to improve yourself, travel,” she writes. “I’ve had some whiny poor people complain about ‘not having the money’, and if you’re that selfish, frankly, you don’t belong on this website. I mean, I love everybody, but if you can’t even forsake something as non-essential as food or shelter in order to improve yourself and, therefore, humankind, you’re literally the worst person I know.”

            According to a recent survey, Anna has single-handedly converted 7 people to Blablaism, the majority of whom are residents of Co. Waterford, Ireland, who mistook EatPrayBla.com for a fansite of the Déise delicacy, the blaa. She continues to advocate for peace, love, and for everyone to do what she’s been saying since last week or they’re actual and literal piles of faeces who are actively destroying the earth.