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Wired Review

On March the 10th, British alternative rock band Mallory Knox released their third studio album Wired. This short (only 41-minute) album packs a number of good tracks, and begins with a strong instrumental with the opening notes of ‘Giving It Up’. Throughout the album, you will feel and experience some strong 2000’s vibes (especially with the song titled ‘California’). The album itself is a good representation of the alternative rock genre, with some of its tracks reminding you of bands such as The Killers. For fans and avid listeners of alternative rock, this album may seem a little ‘soft’. However, it picks up some ‘harsher’ and heavier going sounds in some tracks, ‘Better Off Without You’ for example, before going back to its overall upbeat atmosphere.

This album is a good introduction to the genre for those unfamiliar with it and will delight those who already love Mallory Knox. It might not go down in history as one of the ‘great albums’ but it is a good record to put on during your studies or in between some of the deeper works from their repertoire.