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Will there be a future? – Editorial From Chris McCahill

The greatest threat we face today is not any terrorist organisation, it’s not the impact of Brexit, it’s not the upcoming presidential election; the greatest threat we face is global warming. We’ve heard for years now from experts, researchers and scientists of how catastrophic the effects will be, and we’re already seeing some of them: the polar ice caps are melting more and more each year, and most recently we’ve seen the effects of coral bleaching on the great barrier reef: the largest living entity on the planet, visible from space, is dying and isn’t recovering as it should.

We’ve seen massive storms, heatwaves and truly destructive weather in the past, and yet we have no impetus for action. Other “priorities” always seem to take preference over combating global warming and climate change. Yet what people don’t seem to realise is that all those things they prioritise now won’t matter in the future because there probably won’t be one. I’m admittedly a pessimist on the issue: I think politics will be what will doom us a species, and the planet too. Saving and protecting the environment isn’t seen as important by the clear majority of politicians, as it’s not something that relevant to the next election, or won’t wash well with voters.

I find it very sad, in a way, that our politicians, leaders and the people of our world care more about the money in their pocket, what jobs they can get and so forth, when all of it will make little difference when the planet isn’t habitable. It really does put a lot of our petty problems and concerns in perspective when you take a step back and look at the big picture.