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What to Wear: RAG Week Edition

RAG week is, by now, in full swing. If you plan on spending the week partying and completely disregarding your studies (editor’s note: please go to lectures), perhaps new outfits are on the cards: specific clothing for your daytime fun and something different for night time activities.

The Infamous’ Jeans and a Nice Top
I find this ensemble quite intriguing, as it seems so simple, yet it is almost impossible to find that one nice top! The nice top seems to be an image that lingers in the back of my mind. I never know exactly what it will look like, but I will know it when I see it. Turns out, it does not exist. I’ve had to settle for some ‘okay’ tops and hope for the best.

Day Dresses
Dresses that can take you from night-to-day are extremely useful for RAG week, as one might not go home between the day of ‘lectures’ and the night out (easily happens). Wear tights during the day and heels at night; standard practice for transitioning from day to night! Same goes for the nice top and skirt combination. I also find dresses to be extremely comfortable, especially if they are of jersey materials, and you might need to be comfortable if you want to struggle through the hangover and onto the sesh.

Makeup and Beauty

Stock up on makeup wipes, because your skin care routine may go out the window. Also, makeup wipes feel nice and cooling when you’re feeling under the weather. Didn’t take it off? Last nights winged eyeliner can become today’s smokey/smudged look. And we all know what a wonderful invention dry shampoo is.

Outfit Repeating?
In certain circles this is seen as a horrendous act, but, for me, I’m usually so concerned with what I’m wearing that I’m not concerned with what others are wearing, and if they wore that top last week. No one cares but you, honestly: do you really want to spend a small fortune on new outfits for every day of the week and the night?

Next Day Delivery

Many Irish online retailers offer ‘next day’ delivery if you order before a certain time. This may be handy if you’ve run out of clean clothing and are too sick to either a) put on the washing machine or b) go shopping in town. Who needs to leave the house during the day? Order your food and clothes online, and be ready for the night ahead in no time.

Swapping Session
Trade ‘night time’ style dresses with your friends. It will look different on you with different shoes/bag combo. This practice can also take place over a few casual drinks, especially towards the end of the week when the hangover just seems to not want to leave, and the last thing you want to worry about is, ‘what will I wear tonight?’

Are There Actually Lectures this Week?
If you do attempt college (which I do advise) a lot of folks may be hungover, so comfy clothes are a must. Maybe bring a blanket to share with friends? Embrace the cosy aesthetic that accompanies this week; hoodies, tracksuits, scarfs, hats, soft t-shirts, etc. This could be your chance to test out your fashionable pajamas in college, and no one will blink an eyelid. Also perfect wear for shaking a bucket at your fellow-hungover sesh heads.