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What to watch over the Christmas break

Before you give out about us talking about Christmas *already* this is our last edition before the winter break, so this is the only time we’ll get to talk about it. Also it’s late November, you grinch.

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions (except the people who don’t celebrate Christmas, I guess), and this extends to films and tv shows. Don’t worry, though, you won’t just be getting the same old ‘lol epic bacon’ stuff about Die Hard being the best Christmas movie (send all beer-stained hate to editor@motley.ie) here. Here’s our top things to watch over the next few weeks.


The Room (2003)

Oh hai reader. This isn’t the 2015 Academy Award-winning film starring Brie Larson, this is the 2003 cult classic film written, edited, directed by and starring Tommy Wiseau. And it’s also not really a Christmas film. The reason The Room is on this list is because of the release of The Disaster Artist, the James Franco film based on the book based on the making of this film. I would suggest watching The Room with a group of friends, preferably with some sort of tasty beverage, and really get into the audience participation stuff: yell spoon whenever you see those weird framed spoon paintings, say hi to Johnny, yell ‘meanwhile in San Francisco’ whenever one of the many shots of San Francisco are on screen – the whole shebang. If you don’t have friends, watching the film with the RiffTrax commentary is a good substitute.  

Buy physical disks on TheRoomMovie.Com, Amazon etc.


Twice Upon A Time – Doctor Who Christmas Special

I used to be a big Doctor Who fan, but there was something about Peter Capaldi’s turn at the role that just drove me away from the show. Watching the Christmas Day Special on BBC is an institution in most household, so now may be the time to come back to series if you’d gone away in the past. David Bradley plays the part of the First Doctor – Bradley previously played the role of William Hartnell in the outstanding ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ tv film – so he’s well-suited to the role. This is due to be Capaldi’s last full episode as the Doctor, so it may be the perfect primer for Jodie Whittaker’s series.

BBC One, 25th December, 5:15pm


Catch-up TV

There might be something actually called Catch-up TV, but this isn’t it. Everyone has a backlog of films (maybe someday you’ll actually watch Citizen Kane) but it’s the subtle TV log jam that you just never get around to. I’m sure a lot of you missed Game of Thrones this year, as well as Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix, and you can’t forget the tour de force that is E!’s hit show Total Divas (and companion show Total Bellas). Everyone has something they either had to skip or just forgot about during the year, so now is the time to binge til you whinge (or cringe). I really recommend you get caught up on The Good Place on Netflix ahead of the next episode’s release on January 7th.


Christmas movies

Gremlins 2. ‘Nuff said.