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Wardrobe War | Kieran Murphy

Are your clothes overflowing in your wardrobe? Fashion Editor Kieran Murphy gives you quick and painless ways to re-organise yours

Welcome back to college, I’m sure for the 2 weeks you’ve been at home that you’ve been studying hard and preparing yourself for the big move back to College Road from Ballincollig. However, more than likely this is isn’t the case and really you just threw anything and everything you could find into a suitcase and you’re now left with 4 pairs of Cantos and a ballgown to wear for the week.

Wardrobes can be messy creatures and without constant upheaval and organisation they can slowly take over your life. They’re filled with faded dreams, such as those jeans you fitted into when you were 15, and lost aspirations, such as those jeans you hoped to fit into last summer. However these fragments do nothing for your limited space in campus accommodation nor for your sanity and while it’s been written many times before you probably haven’t listened: get rid of these items to free up space.

Ball gowns and suits are essential items for every college student whether you have to have to ham it up at an SU event but these garments are not for everyday usage and take up unnecessary amounts of space in your wardrobe. To make those Hollister hoodies more easy to access take those items that you don’t wear everyday such as gowns, suits and winter coats and keep them in a box or even your suitcase under a bed.

If you’re one of those people who go home every weekend you need an almost military sort of precision when dealing with your wardrobe, striking the right balance between home and college wardrobes. If you’re not paying attention you will end up at home with nothing but your communion dress to wear. So your weekly college wardrobe it’s best to have 6 t-shirts, 4 pairs of jeans and or skirts, 4 shirts, 4 jumpers/hoodies, one outfit specifically for going out and a pair of tracksuit pants to for the morning after that night out.

Shoes count just as much when re-organising your wardrobe, the general policy is one to wear one to air so at least have two pairs of shoes with you for college. If you have more than two pairs don’t leave them out on display like a weird hunting collection, get a plastic container to store your shoes in the top of your wardrobe. Better yet you can stick in a few tumble dryer sheets in there too to the shoes.

While college accommodation does in no way prepare you for life learning to deal with such a tiny wardrobe can prepare you for other things in life, such as surviving in the wild or even leaving your house quickly to join the witness protection program. If not, think of the time you’ll save from washing all your clothes.