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Valentines Fashion

Valentines day arrives again on the 14th of February, in the middle of UCC’s RAG week and straight after one of my favourite days, Pancake Tuesday. If you are lucky enough to have a significant other this valentines, it is a chance to make the most of the day. But remember it is just one day, and if you are without anyone special it does not define your worth! Depending on how you choose to spend the day will ultimately decide what you are going to wear.

Red is the traditional colour of valentines, thus it is the primary colour usually attributed to clothing worn on Valentines Day. Although other alternatives are available, be brave try something new. Otherwise one can take the route of an symbolic valentines fashion, with regards to simple hearts on a white shirt or a golden arrow embellishment etc. Other colours can work for valentines day, with a personal favourite of mine being royal blue. I think it is a classy colour, as red can be a scary colour to wear, though adding a touch of red is also appropriate here. This can take the place of accessories, whether they be shoes, handbags or hairpieces.

It also does not have to be an item of clothing; a touch of colour can be just the perfect amount! Red lipstick is a fun way to incorporate the colour. Remember to find a red lipstick or gloss to suit your skin tone, as they come with a variety of undertones. An orange red is something a little different to try as well! Enjoy your valentine’s day, whatever you choose to do.