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V-Day, D-Day…

Single Girl Rants

     It is unacceptable for me, resident voice of single girls in UCC, to ignore Valentines Day. Most of you may assume that I am to take a firm stance against the day and denounce it for the commercialised Hallmark holiday that it is. Because I am not in a relationship I am to hate the day that perpetually reminds me that nobody loves me. My single status is highlighted by the absence of cards coming through the letter box, the empty vase on the dresser and the lack of heart shaped chocolates. I could be the better person, take the highroad and any other clichés by claiming that I am happy for those who get to celebrate Valentines Day by expressing their feelings with gigantic teddies and soppy poems. However the highroad is already full with single people declaring their indifference regarding the 14th of February so I will not be joining them. I will, slightly, embrace the stereotype placed upon me because of my relationship status, or lack thereof.V-Day

      The stereotypical singleton, as portrayed in films and such, spends her Valentines Night devastated by her solidarity. She must consume at least a pint of ice cream and a bottle of wine while watching a string of romantic films which result in her sobbing woefully into a pool of melted ice cream and raw cookie dough. This sad, sad image of a single girl is depressing and weak. While there are so many TV shows, films books etc. that celebrate a single woman’s lifestyle, anytime Valentine’s Day is thrown into the mix it’s disaster central. Why does Valentines Day signal the downward spiral for any strong single woman? I’ll tell you why. It is a day purely dedicated to remind single people that they are just so: single. Alone. Unloved.

While I won’t be spending my Thursday sitting at home, alone with Ben & Jerry for company while Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan play out some romantic scenario in the background, I won’t be out attempting to defy Valentines and all it stands for. While I may not enjoy Valentine’s Day, nothing annoys me more than anti-Valentine beliefs. If you happen to be single on Valentines well that’s just a pity, but there is no need to make yourself look so stupid by trying to empower yourself with a ridiculous declaration of war on all things lovey dovey. Anti-Valentines activities which seek to rebel against the institution of St.Valentine are sad and pathetic. Do not be that girl in the movies sobbing into your ice cream or the girl who throws a party for all her single friends as they relish in their singleness.

Valentines is a day to celebrate love, if you’re not in love get over it and carry on with your life. This is just another Thursday to you and I. I will not be made to feel bad, lonely or unloved simply because for one day out of 365 I am alone. So to you, Saint Valentine and Hallmark, I say screw you. I hope ye all choke on your chocolates and there are bugs in your roses. Thank God Valentines falls during R&G week.