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UCC SU Announces R&G Week Charities

UCC SU has chosen the three Charities which will be beneficiaries of UCC’S Raise and Give Week in 2017. The three Charities are: Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland, the Saoirse Foundation – T/A BUMBLEance and Sexual Violence Centre Cork, in addition to UCC’s own charitable societies, who will also be beneficiaries of UCC’s RAG week. Any monies raised will be split between the afore mentioned charities and will be used for a variety of causes.

Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland

The first charity, Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI) was founded on the 26 of April 2010 and is a National charity (CHY 19293). Their Headquarters is based at Mallow House, Shortcastle St, Mallow Co. Cork. AADI is a primary service providing highly trained assistance dogs for children with autism and their families. The charity provides a valuable service which can have life changing effects for both children and their families, and their assistance dogs are provided free of charge. The charity relies exclusively on voluntary contributions, as it does not receive any government funding. Monies are raised through flag days, church gate collections, sponsored events such as cycles, swims etc. AADI specially trained dogs help to provide safety, independence and companionship to children with autism, enabling social inclusion and a more independent life.

As a UCC RAG week charity, any monies raised would go directly into training AADI dogs and in return, UCC would be allowed to name their latest canine recruit and have the UCC logo on their assistance jacket.

The Saoirse Foundation – T/A BUMBLEance

The Second Charity:

BUMBLEance is the world’s first fully interactive, state of the art, Children’s National

Ambulance Service. BUMBLEance provides a national service throughout the island of

Ireland for critically ill children who require transportation between their home and

children’s hospitals, hospices, national treatment centres and respite centres. BUMBLEance also provides a unique and specialised service through its end of life Angel Trips; an

Angel Trip is designed for a child in palliative care who is making their final journey on

earth. The charity aims to make positive life impacts for sick children, particularly those affected by rare and genetic disorders – to support families in every way possible, provide them with the information and supports they need to deal with their situation and enhance their quality of life.

Any monies raised through UCC RAG week will contribute to the completion of the Bumbleance in Cork.

The Sexual Violence Centre Cork: 

The third and final charity is the Sexual Violence Centre in Cork. The charity has been providing services to victims of violence in Cork city and county since 1983. Services are provided to male, female and trans victims of violence aged 14 and upwards. The centre also provides services to students from third level institutions in the region including UCC.

The Centre is committed to prevention and awareness raising and our links with UCC include training, seminars, collaboration and participation in university and student events.

The centre provides support and therapy sessions to victims of violence and as such any monies raised through UCC RAG week will be used to support these services, particularly as many students avail of these services.

UCC’s own charitable societies will also be beneficiaries of RAG week. As usual UCC’s RAG week will take place early next year in February, and events will take place throughout the week with all proceeds going to the RAG fund. For more information on RAG Week, and what you can do to raise money for RAG charities (other than putting money in buckets) email Kelly on Comms@UCCSU.ie.