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UCC Students Warned of Legal Repercussions Ahead of Raise and Give Week

UCC students have been warned by University management of the legal and disciplinary repercussions resulting from misbehaviour or from disrespecting local residents during Rag Week.

Last year’s Rag Week raised €16,000 for charity, and this year’s events began this Monday, with measures being taken by college management and the Students’ Union to try to ensure its success. The charities chosen for this year’s Rag Week are Sexual Violence Centre Cork, Autism Assistance Dogs, Bumbleance, CUH Children’s Appeal, and the charitable societies on UCC campus.

Among these efforts, UCC’s own Student Community Support (SCS) team, a team made up of students and members of the Students Union, which has helped in recent years to maintain a positive relationship with local residents, will be out in full-force throughout the week. Following complaints about anti-social behaviour and drink-related incidents near the campus in previous years the SCS team works by liaising with local Gardaí and residents’ groups to help monitor what is happening and by assisting students.

UCC’s acting Head of Student Experience, Dr.Michael Byrne, has asked all students to support the SCS, as well as reminding them of University’s rules.

In particular, please note the expectations the university has in relation to high standards of conduct, this includes not bringing the university into disrepute and respecting local residents and members of the public,” Dr Byrne wrote in an email to students.

Students have been notified that there will be a visible Garda presence in the area around UCC during Rag Week, and there will be a zero-tolerance policy with regards to anti-social behaviour. Students have also been made aware that the CCTV feeds from cameras in the area will also be closely monitored. Speaking about the Garda presence, Dr Byrne said

They have asked me to remind all students there can be significant consequences for anyone found breaking the law, including possible restrictions on future travel to the US.”

Although fundraising events will take place from Monday to Friday, students are reminded that tutorials and lecture timetables will operate as normal during RAG week.