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UCC STARS Awards 2022 Wrapped

Orla Leahy – News Editor

The UCC Societies’ Executive hosts the STARS Awards Ceremony on an annual basis to acknowledge the outstanding drive, commitment and work ethic of UCC students from all disciplines within UCC Societies. UCC is home to over 100 societies, from charitable societies, to linguistic societies, to everything imaginable between. There is something for every student, and a full list of societies, including contact details for each, may be found via the UCC Societies’ website. 

This year’s STARS Awards, recognising student endeavours from the past academic year, took place on Tuesday, March 8th in the Cork International Airport Hotel. The Societies Executive (Socs Exec.) arranged for transport for all attendees, to and from the Western Gateway Building. Societies entering the Awards submitted their applications by midnight, March 2nd. The Awards kicked off with an opening address by Mary O’Donnell, current Societies President, at 18:30. Also present to host the evening were members of this year’s Socs Exec. 

The full Exec. this year includes Mary O’Donnell, President, Mair Kelly, Vice-President, PR and Media, Philip Krause, Finance and Sponsorship, Jack Murray, Secretary and Awards, Saoirse Trought, Events and Sustainability, Stephen O’Riordan, Training and Accessibility, Barry Sheerin, Development Engagement & New Societies, and Maeve Richardson, the Students’ Union Representative. 

The evening included refreshments and live entertainment, with a DJ taking to the stage after the Awards. The evening functioned as an excellent opportunity to both showcase and celebrate the incredible achievements of UCC Societies, and of course, the inspirational individuals spearheading positive development in their respective societies. 

The complete list of winners is as follows:

Best Social Society: Harry Potter

Best Political & Activism Society: Fáilte Refugees

Best Cultural & Debating Society: An Chuallacht

Best SEFS Society: WiSTEM

Best M&H Society: Emergency Care

Best B&L Society: Law 

Best Charitable & Religious Society: Surgeon Noonan

Best Creative Society: Music

Best Social Event: NetSoc

Best Political & Activism Event: GovPol

Best Cultural & Debating Event: Korean

Best SEFS Event: WiSTEM

Best M&H Event: Surgical

Best Charitable/Religious Event: Surgeon Noonan

Best Creative Event: Music

Best Collab: Engineers Without Borders & Fáilte Refugees

Best Financial Management: Harry Potter

Best Mental Health Promotion: Fáilte Refugees

Best Publicity Campaign: Translational Medicine

Best Community Engagement: Friends of MSF

Best Online Event: Economics Society

Best Green Initiative: UCC Law Society

Best Social Media Presence: Friends of MSF

Best Innovation: Translational Medicine

Best Poster: UCC Scribble Soc, and UCC Harry Potter

Best Promo Video: UCC Comedy

Best Photo: UCC Fáilte Refugees

Societies Choice: Fáilte Refugees & Music

STAR Individual Awardees:

Lena Dablouk, Natasha Sutton, Mark Vesey, Matthew Quill, Ethan Hussey, Rebecca Batt, Méabh Lonergan, Pia Roycroft, Aidan Molloy, Cliodhna O’Reardon

Bene Merenti Awardees:

Rachel Deasy, Jessie Perez, Colm Clery, Amano Miura, Johnny Collins, Bailey Lane, Jennifer McCarthy

The final categories of awardees will be announced at the upcoming Clubs & Socs Ball, happening Thursday, March 24th, in the Rochestown Park Hotel. Amongst these categories are, Best Intervarsity, Most Improved Society, Best New Society, and Best Society. Additionally, the Best Fresher shall be announced. The nominees are; Caia McIlreavy; Eoin O’Brien; Hazel Young; Roxanne Dcosta; Sarah Lane. The remaining full tickets may be purchased during a flash sale this week, stay tuned.