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UCC reintroduces No Academic Disadvantage exam policy for winter examinations

University College Cork (UCC) has reintroduced the No Academic Disadvantage measures for their upcoming examinations this January. All students received an email from the Interim Registrar Stephen Byrne on Wednesday stating that “in recognition of these exceptional circumstances” the University has “reinstated the additional No Academic Disadvantage” policy and these measures “will apply for the full academic year 2020/2021.”

Students whose personal circumstances may be compromised by Covid-19 may apply to defer their examinations and attempt the examination in the deferred examinations scheduled in August/September with no academic disadvantage. Measure also in line with this No Academic Disadvantage policy that apply to all students, you will not pay an examination repeat fee should a student sit a repeat examination; if a student is unhappy with their online examination/ assessment they can choose to re-sit the examination/assessment; should a student fail an examination they can take the supplemental exam without any academic penalty. 

Application for these supports from UCC can be made here.

These exam measures were initially introduced in March 2020 for the summer examinations last year when the Covid-19 pandemic first landed on Irish shores. However, as covered in this publication, the measures were reported to be rescinded for the Winter exams last November. In November, students were disappointed to see the No Academic Disadvantage policy reversed, the change in exam policy today brings it in line with the policy for March 2020.

When asked about the situation Eimear Curtin, UCCSU’s Students’ Union Education Officer expressed her delight to see these measures introduced and mentioned “it will go a long way to help ease students’ worries during these next two week”, however, she acknowledged that “it is a pity that students did not have this reassurance before the Christmas break”. Ms Curtin remains “very aware of the reasons why these measures are being implemented” and also “the degree to which students are struggling during these incredibly tough times.”