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UCC Library agrees to longer opening times

The Boole Library will stay open an hour and a half longer than planned this evening, after the Students’ Union’s sit-in protests resulted in an agreement with the university.

Instead of a 9.15pm closing time, the library will stay open until 10.45pm Monday to Thursday during the remainder of exams.

It will open more than three hours longer on Sunday, the day which triggered the initial protest, with the 5.45pm closing time stretched to 9pm.

More than 400 people stayed after closing time during last night’s protest, with the SU thanking those who supported the #LetUsStudy social media campaign.

The Union also thanked the library staff and operatives, who came to this agreement and facilitated the protests over the past three nights.

Speaking on the success of the campaign, UCCSU Education Officer, Joe Kennedy, said; “This wasn’t just about exams – students are dissatisfied with library opening hours year round. It seems like the University have realised this and we look forward to working with them to sort this out once and for all.”

Library opening hours will be further reviewed in early January for term 2.

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