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UCC Coach Launches New Book

UCC Soccer Freshers coach Neal Horgan has announced the publication of his second book, titled “Second City 2016: Season 2009 (The Fall, Death and Rise of Cork City: The Autobiography of an Irish Footballer), ” in the coming weeks. The book, which will tell the story of the tumultuous 2009 season for Cork City FC is a sequel to the hugely successful 2014 book, “Death of A Football Club?”

The book, which attempts to explain the events surrounding the infamous 2009 season which saw a high court order and Cork City FC entering examinership, is yet another big step in Horgan’s career.

Horgan provides a no holds barred account of the time period, where “Horgan argues that the lack of an overarching plan for full-time professional football in Ireland provides a context for the ‘annus horribilis’ experienced at Cork City FC in 2009, as bounced cheques, delayed payments, evictions, pay cuts and a return to part-time football become the issues that dominate the players’ lives”

This book comes hot off the heels of the aforementioned “Death of a Football Club?” which was described by the Irish Independent as “An interesting, honest and humorous insight into a bizarre time in Cork and Irish football history,” Second City promises to be an enthralling account for the ages and a must for any Irish football fan.