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UCC Celebrate Works Award

This year many students from University College Cork benefited from the UCC Works
Award, and some were recently awarded for their achievements from the last academic year.

The UCC Works Award is a professional skills development programme, and demonstrates
that you have engaged in, and developed professional skills through extra-curricular activities
and work experience, all of which will help you to stand out from the crowd when applying
for graduate roles and internships.

The UCC Works Award enables students to receive formal recognition for the learning
gained from their involvement in extra-curricular activities inside and outside of UCC. The
activities are categorised into four pathways. 1: Internship Pathway. 2: Student Life Pathway
3: Volunteering Pathway. 4: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pathway.

Speaking to the University Express about his involvement with the UCC Works Award was
Rian Browne, who was the winner of the Global Citizenship Award.

“Ive always been pretty active in terms of societies and activism since I came to UCC so the
Works Award for me was a great way not only to have something substantial to add to my
CV but also to quantify and acknowledge the work of so many students. Students contribute
to student life and that often falls under the radar, so to have the UCC Works Award to
celebrate this is really important.”

The award is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students of UCC. See
www.ucc.ie/careers/uccworks for further details on the FOUR award pathways.The award is
designed to prepare you for the challenges you face in making the transition to work. To
succeed after university, you should focus on developing the employability skills employers
value like working as part of a team or communicating well. The UCC Works Award gives
you an opportunity to develop these all-round skills that employers value greatly.

There are great benefits from getting involved, including; 1: Achieve formal recognition for
taking part in extracurricular activities that you enjoy. 2: Boost your career prospects by
demonstrating to employers that you have developed competencies they want. 3: Stand out
from the crowd and have your contribution recorded on your Diploma Supplement. 4:
Receive a Digital Badge which is a formal recognition of your accomplishment and can be
displayed on your ePortfolios, LinkedIn and other online platforms.

The UCC Works Employability Star award, Global Citizen Award, and Leadership Award
may be awarded to students who have received three or more UCC Works Awards by their
final year in UCC. The awards must be spread over two academic years and must include
awards from three of the four pathways. One Employability Star Award, Global Citizen
Award, and Leadership Award are given per year. More details on these awards are at

If you would like to find out more, please visit the Volunteering Fair on September 18 th in
Devere Hall, where UCC Works will have a stand, or go to www.ucc.ie/careers/uccworks