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UCC Battle of The Bands Review

The 2017 UCC Battle of The Bands was chocked full of variety, insatiable talent and even the odd splash of rock star theatrics. From instrumental metal-core, to ambient indie, to men in their late 20’s dressed in drag, this year’s tournament was astonishingly diverse. The students of UCC graced the stage at Cyprus Avenue to produce 5 weeks full of stellar musicianship and entertainment. Deservedly emerging from the highly competitive individual heats were Locally Known, Run Down Washington Street, Dry Roasted Peanuts and Aponym.

These four bands went on to concoct a frantic atmosphere within the walls of the Avenue; Locally Known took to the stage first with their unique brand of red-blooded hard rock, tinged with an almost ballad-like feel. Run Down Washington Street have become somewhat of a staple of the Cork music scene, and did not disappoint on the night, coming to the table with pop punk influenced thrashers but with a noticeable maturity to them, even incorporating the use of keys into their set. Aponym’s set is only comparable to that of a stage -5 hurricane sweeping through the crowd; destructive riffs coupled with infectious grooves naturally enough led to an array of t-shirts being discarded and heads thrown back & forward in unison. Eventual victors Dry Roasted Peanuts were undoubtedly the stand out act; the three piece could be described as Vampire Weekend meets Morrissey, but even that would be doing them a disservice. They engaged the crowd with their relatable and energetic set-list, and were duly awarded the grand prize of €600-recording time with Blackwater Studios.

The sheer standard of talent that was on display is indescribable. It’s safe to say that the Battle of The Bands is one of the highlights of the college year, and 2017 did not disappoint.