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Top value takeaways when you’re drunk and/or hungover (or just really hungry)

If you’re new to Cork, or just maybe to college, you may be missing those hometown favourites, the local chipper. And while you may cry “it’s not Donkey Fords” at a few of these entries, they may just tide you over till you can get back to those home comforts (and some of them may even be better). Here’s our list of the top takeaways in Cork (that don’t cost you an arm & a leg).

Lavish, Washington Street
Delivery: Yes (Just-Eat, Cork City Centre)

Lavish is an extremely popular option for those spilling out of Reardens or Havanas after a night out. One of many ‘kebabs etc.’ places in Cork city centre, Lavish is known for its overall quality (and fancy sign). If kebabs aren’t your thing, they do a 16” pizza for €10. TEN EURO…FOR A 16 INCH PIZZA? Jaysus. The only downside to Lavish’s pizzas is that they tend to not be on the oily side, which is what you proper need after a few quarts. It does, however, taste just as good when it’s cold the morning after, so you don’t need to worry about food waste with Lavish.

Lemon Tree, College Road/Gilabbey Street

Delivery: Limited (Just-Eat, College Road)

The one thing you’ll notice moving to Cork is that a good Chinese is surprisingly hard to find. And while the Tung Sing is fancier, and the Wylam has a better reputation (or at least it did), you can’t beat the simplicity of the Lemon Tree. Renowned for its 3-in-1s and its ‘Spicey Bag’, Lemon Tree is a College Road classic, especially if you’re just popping over the road from The Rock. Known to those students of a certain age as Mong Kok (because that was seriously its name for like 15 years), the Lemon Tree can’t be beat for value. Just don’t order the prawn balls.

Jackie Lennox’s, Bandon Road

Delivery: No

Jackie Lennox’s is the best chipper in Ireland, maybe the world. Sorry Limerick, Dublin and Douglas, your boys Donkey Fords, Leo Burdocks and KC’s & Sons took one hell of a beating. Since opening in 1951, Lennox’s has fed Cork’s best & brightest, developing a technique and taste that is known the world round. Be careful though: there are false pretenders to the Lennox’s name on Just-Eat – these are not the right Lennox’s. Top orders in Lennox’s tend to be the Jackie Deluxe (the ‘house special’ burger), the fish of the day, garlic cheese chips and, of course, plain chips. And now Lennox’s take card, which makes that holy pilgrimage up Bandon Road easier.

Speedo Pizza & Kebab, Tuckey St.

Delivery: Yes (Just-Eat, Cork City Centre)

The reigning-champ of “post drink soakage” couldn’t not be on this list. Not to be confused with the stretchy, sometimes overly revealing swimming togs of the same name, Speedo’s is the king of kebabs in Cork. Located perfectly in the centre of town, a short walk away from almost any nightclub or pub you could be in, Speedo’s should be the first option when you just need a pizza or a kebab that you’d describe as “pure durty.” As with Lavish, Speedos must be given praise for the continued enjoyability of their pizzas the morning after.

Honourable mention: Hillbillies, Grand Parade (honestly, we should’ve given them their own section). Fast Als, multiple. Chef Corner, George’s Quay. Dominos & Four Star, multiple.