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The Winds are Changing

Hello everyone and welcome to the final edition of this year’s University Express. Try not to cry too much but this is my last editorial of the year, hang in there for the remainder of these 500 words if possible.

When thinking of a title for this editorial, Mary Poppins immediately sprang to mind, with one of the most iconic lines from that script being “I shall stay until the wind changes.” Alas the wind-vane is turning and we are pointing in another direction. Some great lessons were learned in that incredible movie, with characters experiencing many ups and downs. These last seven months or so have also been quite turbulent for me, as I have encountered some highs but also some very difficult lows. Writing for all of you has been my sanctuary during those moments when my days were dark and gloomy, and even if I have made just one of you smile, laugh or become informed, it will have been worth it.

College can sometimes be one of the loneliest experiences for some people, and this agony can be prolonged if you see friends or classmates constantly going out or making loads of new friends. It’s important to know that if you haven’t managed to be as socially successful as others, that is not your fault or a reflection of you as a person. Sometimes we go through life on a different course to those that might even be closest to us, and realising that this is normal can be easy to say but hard to understand. Every one of us wants to be loved and we crave moments that give us an increase in our serotonin, even if it is just on an occasional basis. It is why we always check our Instagram posts, our profile pictures, and our tweets when we post something new, to see how many people have liked it. That hour or so of self-satisfaction can either boost someone’s confidence or indeed have the opposite effect. Hence, I am of the opinion that spending time with your family or your close friends is far more beneficial, because that isn’t virtual or superficial love, it’s real. Talking is better than tweeting and being together is better than texting, I think it is important that we remember that. Sometimes we must also accept that things change, no matter how much you want them to stay the same. Life really is like a book. You may not like certain chapters, but never want others to end. Some moments might make you laugh or cry or anger you, and perhaps even offer a bit of self-reflection. We must embrace whatever comes next, say goodbye to the past and shake hands with the future.

As I said, writing is often my salvation, it clears my head and gives me focus. It is something that cannot be taught or learned, but created from within. I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my articles and my editorials, you have helped me to believe in myself and for that I will forever be grateful. The support from colleagues and the incredible guidance from our Editor, Cailean, has been absolutely top-class this year. Thank you all once again and best of luck in your exams. It’s time to go fly a kite.

Take care,