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The Number Cruncher

The proportion of female Trinity students who have had a non-consensual sexual experience, according to a TCDSU survey of 1,038 students. 5% of men have been subjected to a similar experience.

The number of society balls held on the one night, Thursday January 22nd. The Strauss Ball was a surprise sell-out on a night which also featured Accounting & Finance, Psychological, Foodies and Engineering Balls.

The rate of men who consume more than six units of alcohol at least four times per week. That was the finding of UCC research of 2,275 students’ drinking habits. 5% of females consumed a similar level of alcohol on a regular basis.

The potential value of a Quercus scholarship to successful applicants. The Talented Students’ Programme is taking applicants for its second year until the end of this week across a range of five categories.