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Tea Time Fillers:

  1. The national sport of Afghanistan is Buzkashi, where teams on horseback attempt to place a goat carcass in their opponent’s goal.


  1. The 1947 All-Ireland Football Final between Cavan and Kerry was contested in New York City, to mark the mass emigration of Irish people to America 100 years earlier during the Great Famine.


  1. The original baskets in basketball were actual peach baskets, so after every score, someone had to go up a ladder to retrieve the ball.


  1. The world’s fastest sport is jai alai, a variant of squash, which is popular in the Basque region. The ball has been recorded reaching speeds of 328 km/h.


  1. The first man to cross the finish line in the marathon at the 1904 Summer Olympics, Fred Lorz, was later disqualified as he had hitched a lift for 10 miles in a car.


  1. Rugby and association football only split in 1863, when a decision was made to ban the practice of shin-kicking, or ‘hacking’ from the sport of football.


  1. Brazil formed their first ever national football side to play a match against Exeter City (currently in League 2) in 1914.


  1. Ireland’s first President, Douglas T. Hyde, was removed from his position as patron of the GAA in 1939, due to his attendance of a football match between Ireland and Poland the previous year.


  1. Aston Villa’s first match ever in 1874 saw the first half played under rugby rules, and the second under football rules.


  1. Ireland’s first Olympic medal as an independent nation was won in the event of painting. Jack B. Yeats brought home a silver medal in 1924 for Team Ireland for his painting ‘The Liffey Swim’.