UCC Scientists Among Most Cited Researchers

Four University College Cork scientists feature in the latest “Highly Cited Researchers” list. The Highly Cited List is produced by Clarivate Analytics for the Web of Science, and details over 3,500 of the top researchers in various scientific fields, including biology & biochemistry, computer science, ecology, engineering, neuroscience, mathematics, physics and social sciences, among others….

Sonic Brainwave

What would life be without music? According to Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher, poet and cultural critic, life without music would be a mistake. This may seem a rather radical statement on the role that music plays in our lives, but it is entirely true; the importance of music in our world cannot be overstated….

Scientists Still Not Sure Where that Tin of Tuna in your Press Came From

Top scientists have revealed this week that they’re still not entirely sure where that tin of tuna in your press came from. Researchers from every major university in Ireland apart from Trinity College (on account of them being “hard work”) have spent the past decade attempting to explain the phenomenon, theorising that tins of tuna…

Research by UCC Professor suggests dinosaurs were feathered

Brian Conmy Research on a newly discovered dinosaur has led scientists to rethink what dinosaurs may have looked like. The species, named Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus, was discovered in the Kulinda fossil site in eastern Siberia, where six skulls and several hundred partial skeletons were uncovered. The specimen showed scales on its lower legs and tail, with…