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Style Evolution of Zayn

Zayn Malik has experimented with various styles throughout the years. Not only with his choice of clothing but also his hair, which has undergone countless changes.

We first met Zayn, or Zain as it was spelled then, in series seven of The X Factor in 2010. He was far from the fashion icon we see today. In the early years, Zayn certainly wore brighter colours, today he is not often seen wearing anything other than darker muted tones.

One of his more memorable fashion decisions was to wear a hoodie underneath a suit jacket teamed with a pair of baggy jeans, a popular look at the time. Skinny jeans were not at the peak of their reign just yet. Beige chino’s were also a favourite with Zayn. The quiff was his hairstyle of choice and the overall look was quite innocent. Although we must remember that throughout the competition the band would have been dressed by a stylist.

In 2011 One Direction released their first single and Zayn’s look did not change that much. Chinos were still in place — he even sported a red pair. He did begin to wear more shirts and the skinny scarves that everyone was wearing at the time. It is not until 2012 that we begin to see any real experimentation with his style. Zayn has now begun to build his tattoo collection. By October, a blonde streak had been started in his hair. Leather jackets are becoming a commonplace in his wardrobe and stubble has appeared on his face. Finally, 2014 marks the beginnings of the Zayn we see today. He begins to let his hair grow, the majority of his outfits are dark in color, often accompanied by black boots.

2016 was the year of hair changes. February brought about the arrival of the pink/silver/blonde  haired Zayn. By March Zayn debuted a completely shaven head. Although this was not the first time he had had a buzzcut. Zayn also experimented with a similar look previously in 2015 where he died the remaining hair bright green, then back to blonde. These dramatic hair changes continued into 2017, where he decided to dye his hair green in May. Currently, Zayn is rocking a slightly grown out buzzcut.

One of my all time favourite looks has to be Zayn’s appearance at Met Gala 2016. He wore a custom made Versace suit with silver robotic sleeves. It was simple but eye catching and on matched the theme of the evening, ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology’. His look was complimented by Gigi Hadid’s stunning silver dress.

Zayns move to New York to be with girlfriend Gigi Hadid had an impact on his style choice. As he begins to embrace more streetwear; matching tracksuits, baseball caps and oversized vintage looking t-shirts. This change was reflected in his work with Donatella Versace. In June 2017 Zayn collaborated with Versus Versace to create a collection that embodied his personal style. Most of the clothes are in his signature colour palette; black, white, green and wine. Some of the pieces were adorned with ZXV (Zayn Versus Versace). Earlier in the year Zayn worked with footwear brand Giuseppe Zanotti to release a collection of two boots and two runners. The collection was entitled ‘Giuseppe for Zayn’. When asked about his venture into the fashion world, Zayn answered:

‘I’d wanted to do something in fashion for a while, even if it was just to bring out a couple of T-shirts. So, ‘why not do it with somebody that’s got experience and knows what they’re doing.’