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Societies launch environmental magazine

Last week the UCC Greens, UCC Environmental and UCC Animal Welfare Societies launched a magazine about the environment, animal welfare, climate change and ‘anything green’.

The magazine, called UCC Green Zine, is being advertised as an ‘independent zine’ about the environment. This seems to be a natural extension of projects like UCC Green Campus, which promotes sustainability efforts in the University as well as working with various departments on reducing their impact on the environment.

Speaking to the UCC Express, UCC Greens’ Robert O’Sullivan noted that “we want this zine to be non-partisan, which is why we decided on a neutral enough name, as well as partnering up with EnviroSoc and Animal Welfare Soc.” They continued, “we were lucky enough to get Special Projects funding from the Socs Exec for this, so we hope it’ll turn out really cool!”

Submissions & pitches for the zine are open now, and can be sent to UCCGreenZine@gmail.com, with a deadline of February 28th set. For more info on the GreenZine, you can go to Facebook.com/UCCGreenZine.

In related news, our sister publication Motley Magazine recently announced that their latest edition will focus on the environment & sustainability. Submissions for the February edition of Motley can be sent to Editor@Motley.ie, with a deadline of February 6th for articles.