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So You Want To Be a Gaming Influencer?

By Chloe Barrett

With the accessibility of platforms and the technology we have at hand, it truly has never been easier to record yourself or stream games. There are thousands of people across the globe that embark daily on the scary decision to put themselves out there on the internet to make content for others to watch. And it can be easier to do than you might think.

The two main platforms to broadcast your gaming abilities are YouTube and Twitch. The former has been around for many years and is still a strong platform, but some active gaming influencers prefer to keep their streaming and normal recordings separate. Uploading a video on YouTube may seem like a daunting process, but once you get started you will never look back. To record a video you will need a capture card if you are planning on mainly console gaming. But, for computer-based games, there is a wide variety of screen recording software out there, many of which offer great trials. The same goes for editing software. You may need to try a few of them out before you find the perfect one for you, but it will be worth it. For any music, you will need to be extra careful to avoid any copyright claims on your channel. By getting claims, you lose benefits, such as the ability to set custom thumbnails, and if you get too many your whole channel will be at risk. Try to search for some royalty-free tracks and be cautious because certain game music is copyrighted. Thankfully, there is usually an option to choose copyright free music, which is ideal if you are recording or streaming.

If streaming sounds more interesting to you, it is extremely doable! Streaming on Twitch is as easy as making an account, setting up your microphone and camera, then hitting the live button. There is software developed specifically for streaming, and many come with the ability to design your widgets. Your streams will stand out if you have an awesome layout accompanied by cool alerts and lots more. Deciding on what to stream can be a tricky decision, as there is truly so much that you can record. Twitch has over a hundred categories, such as one dedicated to Just Chatting, which is a nice, casual space where you can easily interact with your viewers. Other popular games like Fortnite are constantly filled with thousands of steamers, whereas older games may have fewer gamers playing. There is something for everyone, and you will fit in great. If you are worried about your setup, you can set up subscriber goals and fundraisers to buy yourself some new equipment, such as a better camera or microphone. You never know who will tune in and donate, so it is worth a shot. 

Some of the most popular gamers out there have dedicated videos with their top tips on getting started in the gaming world, which is definitely worth checking out. Remember, you can do this. If recording gameplay without a face cam and audio is more your style, go for it! As long as you are having fun and staying safe while doing it, you will be the best content creator that you can be.