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New in Cinema: If you like mindless action movies then a trip to the cinema is a must this week. The latest instalment in the Predator franchise, inventively titled The Predator, boasts a cast including Olivia Munn, Boyd Holbrook (the big bad-guy in Logan- yes, I’ll shut up about that movie now), Keegan-Michael Key (of Key and Peele fame, check them out, their sketches are hilarious) and Alfie Allen. Alternatively, if you think that Nicholas Cage is The Man (which he is) and want to see him fighting cultists with chainsaws then definitely go to see Mandy, a film which promises to be ultra-violent and ultra-weird, much like Cage himself.

New on Netflix: Following up on their many forays into the Marvel Universe, Netflix have just released Iron Fist, Season 2. If you fancy a bit of 80s nostalgia, the excellent teen-movie The Breakfast Club is now streaming. The intriguing new psychological/drama Maniac, with Emma Stone and an unrecognisably thin Jonah Hill, is also out later this week.

New Announcements: For any gaming fans, this week saw the confirmation that Netflix is developing an adaptation of the immensely popular Witcher franchise and has cast Henry Cavill in the role of Geralt of Rivia. For anybody wary after previous failed attempts to adapt video games to the big screen, remember that the games are based on a book series and early indications are that the Netflix version will follow the events of these, rather than those of the games.

Editor’s Recommendation: After dealing overwhelmingly with action films this week it wouldn’t be right for me not to recommend another. If you want fun, violence, curse heavy dialogue and multiple subversive comic-book references look no further than the excellent Kick-Ass, a film which is as fun as it is irreverent.