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Sexpress Survey Results

On November 17th we conducted a survey on sex & sexuality in UCC. The survey consisted of 10 questions, and was limited to a sample size of 100 people. We received responses from 58 men, 39 women and 3 ‘other’ people, with the others here meaning genderqueer, genderfluid and ‘unsure’ students.

Before delving into the results of this survey, let me begin by saying that I am by no means a scientist. We undertook this survey out of curiosity, when we noticed a trend amongst ourselves and our peers concerning the sexual habits of people in Cork. On numerous occasions friends had professed certain things to us that just seem to happen more in Cork than anywhere else, like men being particularly well-endowed, people enjoying giving oral sex and a high number partaking in sexual activities in public places. This is why we did this survey, we just had to know.

Most of the questions asked them how the respondent felt themselves, not necessarily what was factually correct, so take that how you will. The first question regarded the size of one’s genitals: out of those with a penis, 17% believed themselves to be well endowed, 73% average, 7% small and 3% were uncertain.

Comparing this to the people with vaginas: 90% said they have an average size vagina, 2.5% believe they are larger than average, 5% said smaller and 2.5% were unsure.

Then we inquired as to whether people liked giving oral sex;

  • 93% of men said yes.
  • 74% of women said yes.
  • And, a whopping 100% of other respondents said yes.

We learned that men fake it too, with 37% of men confessing to have faked an orgasm in the past, other respondents at 33%, but these are nothing in comparison to women, where 69% of people admitted to faking an orgasm.

75% of men who took our survey are under the belief they are good at sex, followed closely by women at 70%, and 66% of others.

Queer (gay, bi and any other non-straight identifying) men enjoy anal sex the most at 62%, and straight women want to do anal sex the least, with 52% not wanting to ever try it.

When it comes to personal grooming, queer men are the only people to have done all five pubic hair grooming options we had in the survey; letting it all grow, shaving it all off, waxing, trimming and other. At 68%, shaving it all off is most common in straight women. Straight men are also the hairiest, with 29% leaving themselves au natural.

However trimming comes out the most common grooming method for straight men, queer men, queer women and others.

Apparently we enjoy a romp in a public place, with 100% of others, 71% of men and 62% of women doing the nasty somewhere not so private.

Finally, the people of cork enjoy their sex toys; 53% of men, 56% of women and 66% of others having used a sex toy at least once before.

For a full breakdown of the survey, keep an eye on UCCExpress.ie in the next few days.