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Sexpress Issue 12 – Going Out With A Bang (and how to break up with someone)

Going Out With a Bang

The end is here, my friends. This is the last Sexpress of the college year. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has read the paper, especially this section, and for everyone who picked up a copy of the Sexpress Magazine when it was floating around campus: your readership was invaluable and I hope you all got something out of this section! If you’re interested in writing for us next year, please email Editor@UCCExpress.ie, or apply for a staff role by emailing Apply@UCCExpress.ie.

With the end of the Semester looming, it is now coming into a time for reflection, a time to study and a time to cram in all the things that you didn’t get to do this year. Lucky for you, we here at the Sexpress have put together some things to consider.

Go Out With a Bang, Not a Clap

Yep, you heard me: don’t leave college with the clap/gonorrhoea or any other undesirable STI. Symptoms of an STI can include: itching, burning, discharge, any weird bump that wasn’t there before and bleeding. Don’t forget that symptoms can be invisible, and if you have been partaking in any sort of sexual activity you could be at risk, so make sure you go get checked out.  Lucky for you all, you’re still students and you can get checked out in the Student Health Centre, located in Ardpatrick on College Road, for €20.

Bang on Campus?

I am not suggesting you do this, but we know you’ve always wanted to. We’ve heard of such suitable haunts around campus, but none so suitable as the old Windle building (RIP). Though the Windle went out with a bang (literally, they knocked it down) this doesn’t have to ruin your chances of getting frisky on campus.

The rules for being salacious on campus are easy.

Rule number 1: We didn’t tell you to do this.
Rule number 2: Go somewhere where you can’t be seen.
Rule number 3: Don’t get caught.

We can’t suggest places, but we hear the quad is comfy. Enjoy!

Ask Them Out

That person you’ve been pining over all year, yeah them, make a move and do it snappy. Whether it’s someone on tinder or someone in your class, your time is now. You don’t have to suggest anything too serious, maybe a coffee or a casual drink? The worst they can do is say no, and if they do, then you have the entire summer to get over the minor embarrassment. Either way, you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t ask. Do it.

Try Something New

College is about being adventurous, crossing everything off the bucket list so you can enter adult life knowing you lived your college days to the full. Don’t live the life of regret knowing that you could have done that thing that you always wanted to do but didn’t, consensually of course. Enjoy your time in college, whether you’re going into your second year or living out the final few weeks. Just remember: consent is key and stay safe.

A Guide to Breakups

Whilst college is a great time for new beginnings, new adventures and new people, sometimes these things have to end. Breaking up with someone can be difficult, whether you’ve been dating exclusively for years, you’re just friends with benefits or you feel like someone is a negative influence in your life. If you’re interested in letting the summer be your fresh beginning, here are three  simple steps to follow:

Be Honest

As they say, honesty is the best policy. You’ll probably never regret anything you will say if you can say with upmost honestly. Just remember to be honest, and not brutally honest. Because the latter normally involves more brutal than honesty and there’s nothing worse than being mean.

Don’t Give False Hope

Did you just pull out the whole “it’s not you it’s me” spiel again? Oh no. Don’t ever mislead someone like that, note point 1 about honesty. You’d be surprised how long someone would wait for you if you tell them that you need a break and you’ll reconsider your relationship next year, when you really won’t, and you don’t want that, do you?

Don’t Dwell

You broke it off for a reason, don’t dwell on it. You may feel regret, sadness and all the other negative emotions. Or you might feel a massive weight off of your shoulders and come to the conclusion that you did the best thing for you. Either way, you’ll have to give it time to settle. Learn from the mistakes you made and carry on. A breakup doesn’t have to be the end of the world, and you’ll have the entire summer to start again!