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Music is essential to the creation of any atmosphere. There exists the perfect songs for every kind of occasion; we have prinks playlists that include the bangers that get us pumped for a night out, we have our chill time tunes we listen to when we’re in the mood for some relaxing alone time, we have the throwbacks that remind us of our first flip phone and the days of sending Basshunter and 3 Oh 3 through Bluetooth.

Music makes us feel things; it does something to our brains and has the power to evoke emotional responses that elicit physical responses in our bodies. One of the situations in which emotions and passions are at their highest is, naturally, just before and during sex. If there were a critical point, it would be the before, because if that doesn’t go well then there may not be a during. The tunes you choose to play in these crucial moments can either make or break it, so do yourself a favour and choose wisely. It isn’t a bad idea to have a playlist made and ready at hand for when these moments arise. Don’t think that this is ridiculous, because the reality is that we all have a sexlist; at least a handful of songs that we have considered suitable to have sex to; whether or not we have made them out physically or they are existing only subconsciously.

Here are some songs that I would consider pretty safe bets for setting the right tone and evoking the preferred mood; a good place to start if you’re thinking of going from subconscious sexlist to physically ready-at-hand. Of course, there isn’t just one type of mood; and thus, there isn’t just one type of song. We all have different styles when it comes to sex, so this sexlist is a bit of a pick n mix of moods and styles, but you’re bound to find a few that suit you, or at least will lead to ones that really do. I won’t explain why each of these songs would feature nicely on a sexlist; just give them a listen and you’ll understand for yourself.

  • Don’t – Bryson Tiller
  • Closer – Kings of Leon
  • Instinct (feat. MadeinTYO) – Roy Woods
  • Too Much – Rendezvous At Two
  • Fire & Desire – Drake
  • Lights On – H.E.R.
  • Hello – Chill Vibes
  • Love Galore – SZA, feat. Travis Scott
  • First Fuck – 6LACK, feat. Jhene Aiko
  • Concrete – Tom Odell
  • Do You Go Up – Khai
  • Poison – Brent Faiyaz
  • Do It Well – dvsn
  • Good Love – 11:11
  • Deadly Attraction – Adrian Daniel
  • Do You… – Miguel
  • High For This – The Weeknd
  • The Bird – Anderson .Paak
  • Love On The Brain – Rihanna
  • You & I – RHODES
  • Untitled (How Does it Feel) – D’Angelo
  • Coffee – Miguel
  • Let’s Do It Again – The Staple Singers