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Poetry – Earworm

  • after “Better Love” by Hozier


The words and melody slip into my mind
on repeat, their emotion an anchor
that drops down into an ocean
where you are swimming
glittering and green
And the blue of the depths is as blue
as the teal of the falling sky
uplifted at sunset.
Yahweh do angels walk among us,
whispering such lyrics
as catalyst?
What it must be to cup a beating heart
in hand, or a bird or 21 grams,
to travel through time,
to scale the wall,
to rise again
after the fall?
How could I be deceived by what is fake,
the shaded figure that stands
in shadows without colour,
without truth or fire
in cowardice?


But now this brainworm, this sticky music
sees me suffer stuck song syndrome,
amazes me with the imagery
of fire weeping from cedar,
teaches me calque;
the lent word
ohrwurm, earworm,


the meaning of.