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Poetry – ‘Beneath The Poppies’

“Beneath The Poppies”
A poem for the fallen boys of a war a hundred years gone

When I am dead and gone from here
lay me down in the earth of the fallen
In these cratered grounds I don’t belong
But I promise
as a guest
I will accompany you in a nameless death

Buried below the earthen layer of war
the soil of your living horror
Let me intrude with my body
for it will soak up the lost blood
have lived the lost dreams
heard the lost screams
and felt the lost love

Like yours, this body will never find home
So let our corpses lie here together alone
My flesh may be fresh, but the soul is old
and it finds its everlasting rest
in this blood-stained wet grass

Reach your calcite hand to entwine
with the cold blue vellum of mine
Finding each other
though years too late
But what does it matter
when all we knew has moved on at this stage

You and I may not have lived life together
but hand in hand we’ll live death forever
Lying here beneath the field of poppies
grown thick by the enrichment of bodies
You and I among them.