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Passing Thoughts

writes Fiona Keeley

I have been writing long into the evening these days, not for any particular reason but more to set my mind at ease during those twilight hours before I drift off to sleep. The blue glow of my phone screen as I scribble words onto my notepad stings my eyes most evenings, and many times I’m not even sure if what I am writing is coherent. They are more like passing thoughts on my way to slumber. The amusing part of this exercise is finding these notes at a later date and beginning the process of wondering what brought those thoughts to my mind that particular night, fruitless in terms of an answer at the best of times but it is the process itself that brings value.


tell me why we eat or sleep

i don’t know why 


a buffet of longing for friends, family and belonging

so hard to satisfy considering the circumstances

each one of us is struggling now, so i’m told, but how would i know i’m only an i

an island that is two knots away from Atlantis, as it becomes more my sister each day as i sink below the waves


chimes can be heard on the dusk evening today


remember as we continue to look back to the past, never too far forward lest we scare ourselves 

– with hope


~written 29th January 2021 02:02