Our Sections

We have a multitude of sections both in our newspaper and on our website, and you may be wondering what they mean and where your article (if you’re submitting one to us) belongs. Well here’s a quick guide to explain what our sections mean.


News is where the news is! Okay, that may have been a bit too obvious… news is where the latest stories & info about UCC, Ireland and the wider world will go. We strive for objectivity and factual information in the news section, and there may be a more serious tone here than other sections.


Features is the section for a more editorial style of writing. Have an opinion on Brexit, or whatever terrible thing the Irish government have done now? Then features is the place for you! It’s not all current affairs & politics though, as there’s room here to tell your personal story on things like mental health, a day in the life of an arts student and much more.

The features section does at times include people’s personal opinion pieces, which do not necessarily reflect the views of the UCC Express or its staff.


Byline is our arts & entertainment magazine, and includes sub-sections like film & television, arts & literature, music, gaming, food, fashion, humour and fiction. We’re typically looking for your opinions, thoughts, reviews and articles on the latest trends and some of the classics. The food section is primarily filled with reviews, but there’s room for reviews and think-pieces. Humour and fiction are just for original creative writing compositions, with fiction being primarily filled with poetry and short stories.


Our wonderful Irish section is where your articles on any subject written ‘As Gaeilge‘ go. We do put the odd article about the Irish language written ‘As Bearla‘ here, but its main purpose is for the cúpla focail.


This one is fairly self-explanatory to be honest, but here we go… From gridiron to golf, rugby to racing, we want it all. If you want to cover a sporting event, or write an article on how Conor McGregor would totally beat Muhammad Ali in a boxing match, then the sports section is for you. We have a special focus on UCC sports, but we work on coverage of local, national and international sporting events. The sports section is like a specific combination of the news & features sections in that there will be objective, factual coverage of games and opinion pieces sprinkled in throughout the section.

Have more questions? Email our editor on Editor@UCCExpress.ie