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National Climate Strike Action planned for 20th September

School Strikes for Climate have announced their plans for Ireland’s participation in the Global
Climate Strike, set to take place on Friday 20th September. The times and meet-up locations for
ten marches, including one in Cork, have been announced for young people and their families to
strike out of school and protest under the slogan, “It’s an emergency, act like it”.

“On September 20th we hope to empty schools and workplaces and fill the streets with people
demanding our Government take climate action more seriously. Our house is on fire- let’s act
like it,” said Áine O’Gorman, Activism Support Coordinator with the Stop Climate Chaos
Coalition. “We’ve had a great response to our call for people to organize local actions in support
of the school strikes and our volunteers are ready to help anyone who wants to get involved in
their community or workplace.”

The next strike comes in anticipation of the UN Climate Summit 2019, which Leo Varadkar will
be attending just three days afterwards. The UN Climate Summit 2019 is the successor of the
Paris Agreement, and is likely to influence climate law and policy worldwide. Youth movements
have proven instrumental in the politics around climate change, with “Youth engagement” one of
the items to be discussed during the international summit.

School Strikes for Climate, spearheaded by Greta Thurnberg, has drawn huge publicity
worldwide to the issue of climate change. The last Climate Strike in March saw about 15,000
Irish young people call for government action on climate change, and 1.5 million internationally.
Greta Thurnberg has called upon adults to join the strikes this time, saying, “We need everyone,
to change everything.”

“I know young people can and do change the world… Many of you are anxious and fearful for
the future, and I understand your concerns and your anger,” said UN Secretary-General António
Guterres in response to the March protests.

Climate action has been picking up in Cork, with activist groups forming and growing in
response to the recent discourse. Earth Strike and Cork Climate Action have both announced
their support of the climate strike, as well as pushing forward their own events; last week,
Extinction Rebellion Cork defaced the Port of Cork sign by the quays with a “Port of CO2” sign.
An alert text was sent out to Cork residents, informing them to be wary of traffic blockages on
the 20th.

The Cork protestors are set to gather on Grand Parade at 12.00pm. Information on organised
strikes can be found at https://www.fridaysforfuture.ie/september-20th.