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Munster Trampoline Open in Mardyke

Last Saturday, 22nd October, the Mardyke Sports Hall had the honour of hosting the Munster Open.

Basically, the day consisted of both open and closed tournaments. Both UCC and UL were competing in the open and closed tournaments however UCD and Maynooth both took part in the open competition to add to the competitiveness.

All athletes arrived early on Saturday morning for warm-ups and the competitions took place from then on. UCC had competitors in all levels from Novice to Elite.

The results from all UCC competitors are as follows:

Novice Men: 2nd Tristan Gifford, 3rd (Closed) Seán Higgins

Intermediate Ladies: 2nd (Closed) 3rd (Open) Lim Ai Ying Hannah

Intervanced Men: 1st Phillip Hoßbach

Intervanced Ladies: 1st Janine Koutsaris, 3rd Emma Ambrose

Advanced Ladies: 1st Aislinn Graham

Advanced Men: 2nd Oliwier Melon

Elite Men: 1st Jack Davis, 2nd (Open) Cillian McMullen, 2nd (Closed) 3rd (Open) Adam Doyle

Huge congratulations is in order for all UCC competitors and to other colleges who took part.