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My Top Tools to Keep You Connected During Covid-19

Netflix Party

This Google Chrome extension enables you to watch your favourite Netflix shows and movies at the exact same time as your friends. The handy chat function allows you to discuss key plot points and theorise about what’s to come.

{Picture Credit: chrome.google.com}


Originating from the Ellen Degeneres show (yikes), Psych! is one of my favourite apps. A game on the app, ‘And the Truth Comes Out’ puts forward a question about one of the players to everyone and then you all have to vote for the player with the funniest/most accurate answer. The game is designed to test how well you know your friends but it’s the ultimate opportunity to give them a bit of a slagging!

{Picture Credit: play.google.com}


You’ll likely have heard of this one already but you can’t beat Houseparty for multi-screen video chatting and its addictive minigames.

{Picture Credit: houseparty.com}