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Manifesto Breakdown – Keep Your SU Accountable

Earlier this month we saw the election of the incoming Student Union for the academic year 2016/17. Some of you won’t be around for the next year but most will, as such the Express has decided to print a breakdown of the elected candidate’s manifestos. To highlight some of the main talking points of these manifestos we hope to inform the student body of who they elected and what they were elected for. Feel free to tear out and keep this breakdown next year and at every opportunity press your new representatives to ensure they’ve held up their election promises.

President- Eolann Sheehan

Received 2451 of a possible 4211 votes

  • Wishes to reform UCCSU’s relationship with nightclubs to allow the formation of a number of ties with a number of venues
  • Bring back the night bus to bring students home after a night out for €2
  • Increase Society-SU joint events to bring a minimum of 6 comedians to campus per year
  • Open a pop up bar in Brookfield during R&G week.
  • Develop a tab on uccsu.ie specifically covering student housing, enabling review of houses being lived in
  • Lobby local TDs with regard student housing crisis
  • Set up clinic hours for SU officers on satellite campuses monthly
  • Develop R&G week events for satellite campuses
  • Extend the outdoor capabilities of the old and new bar during R&G week
  • Lift ban on music on campus during R&G week
  • Investigate ways in which to utilize empty space in satellite campuses to develop more common rooms and spaces for students
  • Co-opt a vice-Welfare officer of the opposite gender to the Welfare Officer
  • Introduce a “town hall” where any student can put questions to the SU and college management
  • Refine emails to students to ensure only relevant emails are received
  • Introduce free drug testing kits available from SU offices
  • Hold referendum on the stance of the SU with regard to decriminalisation of drugs
  • Introduce a student innova4on fund, to allow aspiring entrepreneurs to gain access to the correct platforms and financial backing to develop their ideas.


Deputy and Campaigns- Kate Moriarity

Received 3703 of a possible 3985 votes

  • Awareness campaigns with SSDP society around drugs and harm reduction
  • Work towards disability-friendly campus with Building and Estates
  • Run a male health promotion campaign around the idea of toxic masculinity
  • Run campaigns utilising the repeal the 8th mandate put forward by students
  • Dependant on Government policy on the topic, lobby politicians to protect the grand and ensure no further fee increases


Education Officer- Ian Hutchinson

Received 2675 of a possible 4077 votes

  • Expand the UCC Works programme
  • Develop the work placement programme offered by various courses
  • Create a link between final year projects and dissertations to industry and create industry integrated research projects where applicable
  • Ensure students receive a more complete education on computer literacy skills
  • Expand the trial run UCC4U programme which taught students various life skills including stress management
  • Collaborate with Irish officer to highlight “importance of the Irish language educationally”
  • Encourage lecturers to utilise audio/video recording facilities available in college to make lectures more readily available
  • Better utilise both college and class reps with better training and supports
  • Greater engagement with satellite campuses
  • Create a 24hr study space for all students
  • Stagger the release of exam results to avoid technical issues as seen this year


Welfare Officer- Rory O’Donnell

Received 3885 of a possible 4095 votes

  • Have all auditors and team captains Safe Talk trained
  • Have mindfulness workshops weekly (showing the benefits and teaching how)
  • Form the UCC “Welfare Crew”, work with UCD, Trinity and UL and seek advice on the running of their Welfare Crew and how that structure can be incorporated into UCC
  • Tackle Cyber bulling , in conjunction with the Campaigns officer, with close attention to applications such as “Yik Yak” where comments go unmonitored and unpoliced
  • Have free Condom dispensers around campus so when the welfare office is closed, condoms could be received via a token system
  • Increase the amount of FREE STI checks throughout the year and organise a campaign reducing the stigma of STI examinations.
  • Lobby to reduce the cost of the contraceptive pill and make it free for medical card holders
  • Make drug testing kits available on campus from the welfare office
  • Issue new students with information packs on tenant rights in fresher’s bags and information packs sent to homes.


Comms Officer- Kelly Doherty

Received 2165 of a possible 4048 votes

  • Issue manifesto progress reports throughout the year
  • Ensure officer reports presented at student council are more widely available and publicised
  • Better promotion of student council and the motions they are debating
  • Bring high profile speakers to campus like Trinity or UCD commonly do (Amy Poehler, Ice Cube)
  • Secure advertising space for the union, ideally the George Boole 200 banner poles
  • Hold satellite campus clinics
  • Create a Student Union membership card to entitle holders to special deals and offers in local businesses and for SU events
  • Hold charity events to assist in funding the student assistance fund, similar to how R&G funding is raised
  • Bring brands to campus to ensure healthy levels of sponsorship


Entertainment Officer- Bee McCarthy

Received 2160 of a possible 3990 votes

  • Launch a Festival Week to recognise the artistic side of UCC by allowing students to showcase short films, musical talents, have open mic nights etc.
  • Hold more daytime events on campus
  • Hold more daytime events on satellite campuses
  • Build on R&G week by bringing bigger names to campus such as Original Rudeboys or Hudson Taylor (as Mary I did for their equivalent week)
  • Assist the Welfare Officer in the running of both Mental Health and SHAG Week
  • Run R&G events during the year to raise more money and awareness for the chosen charities

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