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LGBT Society launch campaign on slurs & abuse

The LGBT Society this week announced their new campaign, titled “More Than Words.” With this campaign the Society aims to highlight the frequent and casual way in which offensive homophobic slurs are hurled at their community, and the harrowing impact verbal abuse can have on an already marginalised group. It is hoped the campaign’s hashtag #SlursAreMoreThanWords will help spread awareness.

The campaign consists of images featuring the society’s members, some anonymous, detailing their traumatic experiences with homophobic, transphobic and biphobic slurs. The title image reads, “[w]e are tired. Tired of being the butt of your unfunny jokes. Tired of you making us feel lesser for being who we are. Tired of hearing of queer kids, teens and adults being alienated, misgendered, told they are unnatural, or that who they are is wrong.”  LGBT Society chairperson Fiachra O’Connor, who himself features in the campaign, told the Express “‘More Than Words’ aims to target  the general public’s perception of harmful language.” According to O’Connor, there is a sense in the LGBT community that society has become complacent since the ‘Yes’ vote in the 2015 marriage equality referendum, blinding it to the potential devastating impact verbal abuse can have on the gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

The campaign urges anyone affected by the issues it addresses to call the Gay Switchboard Ireland at 01 872 1055, the LGBT helpline at 1890 929 539 or contact UCCSU Welfare Officer Rory O’Donnell at welfare@uccsu.ie.