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  The days are getting darker and the nights are getting longer which can only mean one thing for men’s fashion. It’s time for every Tom, Dick and Harry to don a thick as thieves Christmas jumper but with the overload of trends recently how can you make the correct choice?

Retailers have listened to the calls of men to make their style more current so they too can get the shift like One Direction and retailers listened but then threw the kitchen sink at them. While wearing a plain jumper adorned with a snowflake or pudding was a major fashion statement 3 years ago now a Christmas jumper is only a Christmas jumper if it contains bobbles and transforms you into an Elf or Tree. So if you want to spread some Christmas cheer without being mistaken for working in Santa’s grotto go for a jumper with more subtle patterns and if you ever feel like jazzing it up for the big work Christmas do at the dogs just throw some tinsel on it.

Elbow patches were once exclusive to inspirational teachers and lecturers but unless you can ignite choruses of ‘Oh Captain, My Captain’ in your classmates do they really suit anyone? Nothing’s worse than finding a steal of a jumper in Penney’s then coming home to find faded suede panels on the elbows which can only leave you with two options; finding that crumpled up receipt in your wallet or taking them off with a staple remover.

Trends like this and others such as shoulder patches, mixed yarns and quilted jumpers may look cool on the likes of whatever generic boyband is still in the X-Factor they run the risk of only lasting one season and such strong features could also envelop your outfit making you seem one-dimensional.

For a more long lasting style take note from One Direction’s Wonderland cover which features them not only with adorable Labrador puppies but in Aran knit jumpers. This discrete pattern has stood the test of time for nearly 100 years so will certainly last more than one season. Try to invest in a pure wool version rather than an acrylic knock off which will never keep the heat in. A wardrobe staple like this will serve you for many years and if you feel naked without wearing this season’s trends you can make it louder by slipping on a paisley or polka dot shirt underneath for a slight wink of excitement.