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It Couldn’t Get Much Worse – Editorial By Robert O’Sullivan

I was a bit disturbed at the level of John Lennon-related content in my last few editorials, so of course I decided to title my editorial after a classic Lennon barb in the song Getting Better. Again, somehow, I’ve gotten to write my editorial well-before the paper has to go to print, and indeed again I actually have an idea of what I’d like to write.

I’ve written this a few times, in my head, on the paper, and I’m not sure how to progress. 2016 was a tough, tough year for everyone, really, and all you could do to make it through was to cling to those slim silver linings. 2016 started off rough, with the deaths of people like David Bowie who meant so much to so many, and personally 2016 started off with writing obituaries for UCC students who had passed over the winter break. I only really, honestly, tangentially knew them, but I know that I’ll never forget their names, their faces, and that’s what 2016 brought in spades.

But it’s those silver linings, as slim as they may seem, that one has to cling to, what I had to cling to, to not just thrive but to actually survive; and in the spirit of the (American) holiday, I’d like to say I’m thankful for 2016. As old friends left me, new friends came into it, and I realised how toxic the old friends were; as health faded, and the light grows dimmer, the darkness gives me an opportunity to create my own light; and as some look down their noses at what we do here, it gives me the motivation to stick to my guns and prove them wrong. So thank you to 2016, thank you 2016; because even though it couldn’t get much worse, even if it does, we’ll bounce back stronger than ever.

Specific thanks: Doing a quick bit of research, it’s more traditional to thank people specifically, so here we go. Thanks to Brian, Zoe, Xander and the rest of the Express 2015/16 team for laying the platform for us to do what we do every fortnight. Thanks to Chris, Beth, Mary, Lauren and the rest of the Express staff for their sterling work, particularly our Freshers Ciara, Sarah & Darragh; I’m so proud in them, and proud to be able to see the amazing improvements and growth in their work. Huge thanks to Evan, our Online Editor, for stepping in last issue on design, his work on the website and for being a truly amazing person. Evan, in all honesty, is one of four people (relatively) new to my life that are just inspirational, and essential to my (again, relative) sanity.