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International Student Wins Best Dressed

An international student has been voted Best Dressed at their 9am lecture.

Hana Amori, 20, from the Doshisha University in Kyoto, received the award after showing up to her early morning Psychology lecture in a designer skirt, a ‘nice top’ and heeled boots- all after a full night of drinking and everything. Amori was even rumoured to have been surreptitiously sporting a Moschino handbag, but like, not even in a showing-off kind of way.

Fellow classmates were left in awe of Amori’s stunning ability to not only dress herself for college, but to actually make an effort with it. Lauren Daly, a classmate of the stylish Japanese native, had this to say:

“All I can say is fair dues. My everyday college look generally consists of dirty leggings and some communal jumper I share with the rest of my housemates, some concealer if I’m really going for it. Hana, she’s an icon. One day she even showed up to the 9am with winged eyeliner, the fucking champion.”

Other classmates, when asked to comment on Hana’s ability to dress herself, reported her as ‘amazing’, and a ‘true pioneer’ with her outfits generally being described as ‘so nice’.

Hana, when asked to speak about her victory, seemed mildly confused, and commented that indeed, while she did think most of her classmates were dirty bastards, though this did not necessarily mean that they were bad people. Though, she says, “I was initially quite confused on my arrival at UCC, as no one had told me there was a uniform.” Sources say that apparently, this refers to the general attire of unwashed Hollister sweatpants and skinny tracksuit bottoms seen around campus.

It seems, however, that Hana’s influences are indeed spreading around campus, with many students seeming to develop notions of actually being fashionable. Experts have revealed the most surefire way to spot out one of these fancy fuckers is to locate a Fjallraven Kanken backpack in the vicinity, or perhaps a vintage track jacket. These backpacks, as all students are surely aware, are too damn small to be in any way practical, and also feature a set of extraneous straps for that extra notion-y feel. Offenders should be given a mild slagging, though one that secretly cuts deep enough to ensure their swift return to conformity.

Notions or not, it seems that UCC has indeed been blessed with a style icon, even if it is only for a semester or two.