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I Forgot How to Write…Again.

Breathe it in, that September air, the smell of freshly cut grass, coffee and…. umm…. vodka.
For many of you, the latter is all you would have smelled over the past couple of weeks but
guess what sister, it’s now time to smell that coffee!
It’s been a sunny summer for once but now that the tan has worn off, (the natural one anyway)
it’s back to business. Well sort of. It never fails to surprise me of my inability to write on paper
after a long break, but nevertheless it happened again. At least I gave it a go anyway, rather
than sitting back and hoping the lecture notes went up on Blackboard. That’s probably the litmus
test really. If you can be bothered to write and your writing doesn’t look like a squiggly mess,
you’re most likely back in the college groove.
At this early stage that’s most likely the best that you can aim for as quickly as possible, as silly
as it sounds. Getting back into a rhythm or routine is vital for a successful college life, especially
for all the post-Leaving Cert folk. Nobody here is going to constantly push you or make sure
you’re studying, you’ve only got yourself to rely on for that. At the end of the day most of you will
be more than fine, so enjoy this time while you can and remember that the key to doing well
here at UCC is……to always read the University Express.