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Hothouse Flowers : Live at St. Luke’s Review

Friday 10th March saw the arrival of Hothouse Flowers to Live At St. Luke’s. Supporting the band was Lisa Lambe, whose debut album was released in 2015.

Brimming with energy and soul, the band delivered an outstanding gig. Their stunning performance intertwined musical professionalism with a good aul jamming sesh down the pub, as beneath the music it was obvious they were just having a good time. As their cover of Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now” recently drew them back to the public eye after a feature on Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour, there has been much hype about the Irish rock group.But there is so much more to Hothouse Flowers than the cover we all know and love so dearly, and this was displayed through their variety of music performed on the night. It’s  quite obvious that nothing could phase them, as demonstrated by Ó’Maonlaí with a carefree shrug when in the midst of busting one of his funky moves, a microphone fell to the floor.

They were here to play good music, to entertain and to put on a good show. And by God did they do exactly that. When Lambe returned for the encore of the show, and the aisle began to fill with audience members, shaking and moving to the music, it was easy to forget that you were just at a concert in Cork City, and not witnessing some sort of spiritual resurrection.