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Heidi Klum Collaborates with Lidl to Launch Fashion Line

It is the season of celebrity launches. Model and presenter of Project Runway, Heidi Klum’s clothing range has hit Lidl Stores across Ireland, with an incredible 85 pieces. The collection is entitled ‘Esmara’ is accompanied by the hashtag #LETSWOW.

The clothes range in size from 8-18, but also includes handbags, shoes and boots. The shoes sizing goes from a 3.5-7.

Lidl’s website also includes a style guide for the clothing with four options; running errands, meeting friends, being at work and going on a date. When speaking about her clothing line, Klum said;

‘I’m making real clothes for real people. I’m going to every woman out there. When she buys her eggs…she can also buy a blazer ’

The clothing line was launched by Heidi Klum at New York Fashion Week on the 7th of September.The fashion show was livestreamed and took place to the backdrop of a fake Lidl supermarket. In true supermarket style, the models walked up and down two conveyor belts. The supermarket theme was reminiscent of Chanel’s Autumn/Winter Ready To Wear 2014.

Each piece comes in a variety of colours, making it incredibly versatile, yet easy to match, as the primary colours of the collection are; black, blue, brown with a lot of leopard print thrown into the mix.

Previously, Lidl teamed up with celebrities such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, both of whom launched hair care lines for the supermarket. Never before have they launched a clothing line with a celebrity. Any clothing they have previously released was not considered to be ‘fashionable’ and was more on the practical side.

Esmara by Heidi Klum is available in over 150 Irish stores from Monday the 18th of September. Prices range from €5.99 to €59.99.