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Headline – 20 Netflix Films and TV Shows That Are a Decent Watch

By Cormac McCarthy

As we settle into the new semester, here are 20 titles on Netflix that are:




  1. 13thAva Duvernay’s gripping documentary won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. The powerful film chronicles the history of America after the 13th Amendment to America’s constitution abolishing slavery. 
  2. Black Books – Underrated comedy from the writers of Father Ted and the It Crowd about a bitter Irish bookshop owner and his inability to deal with the public. 
  3. Derry Girls – With the third season set to be aired later this year, refresh your mind with this comedy series from Lisa McGee about a group of five growing up in ‘90s Derry. 
  4. Don’t Look Up – Adam McKay’s biting satire of the modern political landscape when a meteor threatens to destroy the earth as we know it. 
  5. Easy A – Emma Stone delights in her breakout role about a student, attending a religious school whose lies spin out of control
  6. Ferris Bueller’s Day off – Another classic coming of age comedy. Starring Matthew Broderick, it concerns a high school student going to great lengths to have the best possible day off 
  7. Fresh Meat – Comedy-Drama series from Channel Four starring a young Jack Whitehall about six college students sharing a flat 
  8. Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened – Docuseries about the disaster that was the Fyre Festival. With such highlights as paying Kendall Jenner a quarter of a million to post an orange square to create buzz. 
  9. Icarus – Aptly named documentary about the Russian doping scandal that begins as a simple experiment and sparks completely out of control 
  10. Inside Job – Documentary narrated by Matt Damon. A concise and near perfect chronicling of the collapse of the housing market and the aftermath that ensued.
  11. Into The Wild – Sean Penn’s directorial debut is a heartbreaking coming of age film about a young man going off on journey of self-discovery. Includes a fantastic soundtrack to match
  12. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich – Although with no update concerning Mr. Andrew Windsor, this shocking four-part docuseries gives a deep dive into the downfall of Jeffrey Epstein 
  13. Ocean’s 11 – Now 20 years old, this caper boasts an all star cast and an edge of your seat pacing to give you the heist movies to steal all heist movies
  14. Okja – Dark but quirky story of a young girl’s relationship with her pig who are torn apart by greedy corporations who wish to use the pig’s large stature for profit. Directed by Bong-Joon-Ho of Parasite fame.
  15. Rocks – Black Comedy about a young girl, nicknamed Rocks, and her younger brother who try to avoid social services after the untimely death of their mother. 
  16. The Lighthouse – Surreal drama about two lighthouse keepers in the early 19th century. Filmed in a 1:1 Aspect ratio, the film is as odd as is it enjoyable.
  17. The Pianist – Based on the Holocaust memoir by the Polish-Jewish pianist and composer Władysław Szpilman, this powerful World War 2 film starring Adrian Brody is a bleak drama that won’t leave a dry seat in the house. 
  18. The Power of the Dog – Netflix’s recent spur of films have been gem after gem. In particular, this western starring Jesse Plemons and Benedict Cumberbatch. Written and Directed by Jane Campion, it’s a thrilling film that deals with themes of jealousy, grief, and greed. 
  19. The Truman Show – Comedy drama starring Jim Carrey. A personal favourite of my own and recently brought back to Netflix. It’s a charming film with a career-best Jim Carrey performance to boast. 
  20. The Witcher – Based on the immensely popular game that our two resident game experts, Jack, and Chloe, have informed me is a damn good game. This fantasy-based series starring Henry Cavill manages to throw off all accusations of being a Game of Thrones clone by having a distinct tone of its own. With a tantalizing story and incredibly likeable performances, it’s the series to watch.