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Halloween in Cork – The Nightmare Realm

The Nightmare realm returns to the Rebel County again this year with a brand new “hostel theme” experience, running from now until November 5th at Albert Quay in the docklands. This year’s event is said to be darker and more unnerving than ever, with visitors “checking in” for an experience like no other the nightmare realm has done before.

The Hostel experience requires “guests” to work their way through three maze-like floors of the hostel, which is said to be like a real-life version of Overlook Hotel from The Shining. Guests of the hostel will be greeted by live scenes of mania and terrifying special effects, with the room 237 being singled out as the most notorious in the hostel. Of course, with a “5 scare hostel,” occupants will rarely be alone inside their rooms, or anywhere inside the hostel for that matter.

The new theme is said to only add to the Nightmare Realm’s already notorious reputation for pushing the boundaries of sanity and the artistry of fear, utilising live characters and vivid special effects, all of which aim to capture the very depths of one’s imagination. Having already terrified more than some 250,000 Corkonian souls since 2011, the ‘Nightmare Realm: Hostel’ is ready to take some more souls this Halloween.

Speaking about this year’s launch, Nightmare Realm creator Karl O’Connor said: “The Nightmare Realm has grown immensely over the past seven years, as has the public appetite for fresh, new and engaging experiences. There is nothing, or has been nothing, like this in Dublin, so we’ve decided to spread terror beyond Cork, and true adrenaline junkies can test out both venues for double the thrills. Our Hostel event in Cork this year promises to bring visitors to new and extreme levels of discomfort and fear.  We have sourced the very best special effect technologies for both productions, so they really will blow your mind.”

Check-in started on September 30th, and the Hostel will continue to take bookings until November 5, with advance tickets for peak times already going fast. The Nightmare Realm is an experience like no other, and is the perfect activity to get individuals, families, teams, clubs or societies in the Halloween spirit.