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Going to Middle Earth – 1978

At around seven I dropped the transparent little dude. Placed him on my tongue and gave myself away. Pretty far out if you ask me. Then I wait and wait for him to take me on a journey, to find deeper understandings and perceptions. I want to see everything man, that’d be the bomb. Sharon doesn’t dig it, I guess it’s cause she’s just a chick. She’s been bangin’ on my door for the last hour. That dude needs to chill. Maybe it’s cause she’s a Capricorn, would explain a lot, her aura is bogus man! Woah man, you totally won’t believe this like I was just chilling looking at my ceiling and I just saw a face beside me through my peripheral vision. It was almost squashed against my face and it looked like it was melting. Sick! Wonder who he was? Maybe it was a ghost, aw man I would dig that. It kind of looked like a Dali painting. Oh, it’s there again, maybe it’s because I’m thinking of Dali now. Man, his art is rad. I like the one with like the big fat banana and the creepy fairies and horses. Bananas are so tasty, maybe I’d say they’re my favourite food in the universe? Aw but pizza, Piiiiizzzaa. I suppose you could say Dali and I are similar. We both like bananas. Sure, I like art, I like to doodle on my notebooks. I’m really good at drawing like robot dudes. They’re easy you know you just gotta get the box proportion right. I try to draw the sun a lot but I’m not very good at it. Maybe if I became better at that pastoral shit, we could like totally do a painting together. Dali and I could be tight I’d say. I might write him a letter, he’s got a bangin’ moustache.

Man, it’s getting pretty chilly in here. I am really aware that I am like Alive and Breathing right now it’s like crazy. My chest is just moving and like my brain just does this all the time it’s insane! Do I always breath this heavily? Man, if I do, I feel sorry for whoever sits next to me in the library. It sounds like an airplane engine, so fucking loud. This dude is hit-ting me! I see clouds, it’s covering my face. Man, I think it’s my breath, the window’s open over there. I wonder why it’s staying with me? Yeah, I’m gonna close the window. I’m looking up at the sky now. There are millions of stars out tonight, Holy Cow! This is why I wanna be in Star Wars, they just get to sail around space in this beautiful blanket of stars and planets and galaxies. I think everything they say about space is real fo sho. About the different infinite universes and aliens man. Aliens are obviously real. They are so neat. The universe is so amazing, it’s so mysterious, I love it. I think it’s crazy how like some planets have way more moons than the other and we’ve just got the one. Does that mean like their world just never gets dark? I wonder how big they are or what colour they are? And like how Jupiter has active volcanos. Are the aliens dying out there? That kind of makes me sad if they are. Aliens are dope, they wouldn’t cause any harm. I’m in space now, I feel like I’m floating. Holy fucking shit man, Echoes by Pink Floyd is just caressing my mind, what a bangin’ tune. So 1971 whatever man, Floyd will never die. People always bang on about David Gilmour, now I feel like I’m slidin’ down the fret board of his Fender Strat. Each note echoing my soul, vibrating the body and dragging me deep down to a euphoric musical haven. Me? I got a green Strat, I call it my green, mean, submarine. Stars are fallin’ dude, I’m looking in to the past. Maybe there are some sick dino’s up here. How dank would it be to see a velociraptor in space? I feel myself falling and there She is! Mother Earth in all her glory. Woah, so vivid, so colourful. I feel like a mini man rolling around in some fat man’s tie-dye shirt. Those blues and greens. Far out man. May the force be with you all!