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Fashion Quickie: Halloween 2017 Edition

Still stuck for some costume ideas? Not sure what themes are available to you? We ran through some themes & ideas for costumes you can pull-off this Tuesday (yes, it’s Halloween this Tuesday).

The Witty Costume
Many funny, DIY costumes have gone viral on social media in recent years. I wonder if anyone will take the chance to dress up as #stormophelia?

There are classic costumes for a reason. A vampire, ghost or witch? Whatever takes your fancy, especially if you are indecisive, stick to something simple.

Zombie Anything
Since the popularity of The Walking Dead has increased over the past few years, we have seen more and more zombies. But why stop there? I’ve seen zombie versions of everything, from ‘Zombie Alice in Wonderland’ to  Zombie Ballerinas. Two costumes in one.

A reliable ‘cute’ costume, especially for those who are not a fan of the scarier side of halloween. My personal favourite is Bambi.

Take me to the Movies
Last year we saw Harley Quinn, this year I think it will be Wonder women.

Take tips from your favourite makeup artist this year. Most of the popular youtubers will upload step by step tutorials on a variety of looks. Best part about this costume? You can just team your  regular outfit with the crazy makeup.