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Express Course: Dracula

This issue, being the last one before Halloween, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Written in 1898 by an Irishman, Dracula is the classic Gothic horror story. Dracula is important for being a novel that has truly established the foundations of a new, popular genre: vampire fiction. Every vampire movie or novel is based on this classic tale. Having read Dracula, while not essential for reading other texts, it can still make you appreciate your favorite modern vampire fictions even more. So vampire fans, you cannot skip this!

And if you are not particularly a massive fan of vampire stories, you might end up finding yourself engaged in this gripping text regardless. Descriptions of eerie European castles and its uncanny mood makes this novel one that you cannot forget.

So this Halloween, instead of going around egging your annoying neighbours, go set some time aside to read this iconic book. You will not regret it.