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Editorial – The Times They Are a Changin’

I’m almost certain I’ve used this title for an editorial before, but the Bob Dylan article in Music has me thinking about Dylan, and it seems appropriate (though if I have used it before, it’s a little more ironic than intended).

The times they are a changin’, though. This is the final issue of our long-time photographer, Emmet (who put together a fantastic final goodbye on the Photo Page, be sure to check that out), and this is the first issue with an ad for my eventual successor. Emmet has me beat for ‘time on staff’ for sure, but still, 4-odd years is a lot of time to spend on anything, and it’s getting a bit surreal that my time being involved in this wonderful publication is nearly at an end.

But time doesn’t just move forward for us on Staff (though I’m sure it seems like it at times, this job can be stressful). If, for some reason, you only read one thing based on my Editorial, then make it the Arts & Literature section (page 15, Issue 8 of Vol.21). We’ve gotten a fantastic submission from a brave writer, who’s written about what it’s like to be a transgender person in the world of literature. Not to spoil the piece, but while women were hidden and ignored in literature history, we do now know they were there. For a young trans/non-binary person, there seems to be no one. Ever. And the feeling of hope given in that article despite the lonely literature void the author exists in is remarkable. But, as they put it, they write, and soon that void will be filled by the remarkable trans men, women and non-binary people; the times they truly are a changin’.

Thinking about it all together, I really can’t wait to see what the staff list is like this time next year. Emmet’s worked under so many fantastic people & Editors, that’s for sure; I’ve worked under an inspirational female editor, a wonderful male one, and my staff for the past two years have worked under a barely functionable non-binary one. We’ve had staff from almost every background you can imagine. So no matter your ability, your race, your religion, your creed, your gender, your sexuality… you can do this.

Please enjoy Issue 8 of the Express, it’s a damn good issue, and one of our last together. The times…they are a changin’.